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Sly & The Family Stone vs Pixies

Today’s Wednesday Morning Playlist is – Sly & The Family Stone vs Pixies

Years ago I was helping a friend getting his pub ready for the grand opening. He had got this old shell of a night club, that needed a bit of a clean behind the ears before he could open the doors.

We all suffered bravely at first, not because of the colour scheme, dust or the amount of cleaning that had to be done to before it would be ready use. It was the lack of music while we worked that held us back.

After some digging around we managed to get the sound system up and running. The only two CD’s that there were left on site from the previous owners were:

Sly & The Family Stone : Dance to the Music and Pixies : Doolittle

An odd mix but it worked we got the pub opened on time and it have just celebrated its 11th year in business.

I had never heard about Sly family but I enjoyed it. Pixies I had heard a few tunes off, but never really paid attentions to them. But working to these tracks got me shopping and I now got a few albums of both.

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