Stop Making Sense

Over the last year or so, I have texted a very good friend on Wednesdays* with a “Morning Play List”, since we both like and need music in our lives. So I was thinking why not do it here too.

Today’s play list is Talking Heads best of – Sand in The Vaseline – and then I just have to play Stop Making Sense after, even if Sand in The Vaseline got most of the tracks on it.

My big brother came home many years ago and put on Stop Making Sense on the record player, remember them? I wasn’t sure what I would make out of this rather somewhat bizarre music. A few days later he cranked it up to 11 on our parents Hi Fi, yes they weren’t home, and I was digging it big time.

Stop Make Sense, became my very first CD and probably most played album ever, I now have about 12 of their albums, best of and special editions and rare mixes.

Might finish off today morning play list with They Might be Giants – Flood.

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