fast car

Fast car

Years ago I was living in a house share, eight of us, living on the top floor above offices. Plenty of room, never a problem with loud music or coming in at any hour of the day from our neighbours.

A nice random gathering of people whose paths crossed, you know like:

– one of the cohabitants we never saw – were they alive, is there really someone living in there, sure I heard something the other day, was it them?

– one that were much older than the rest us, a bit weird too, heck it would not be a house share if there wasn’t the weird one.

– one that was constantly stoned and studied something, never really figure out what or where, man.

– one that partied hard and did some odd job here and there, didn’t they work in X? No, that was last week.

– one that never cleaned up and nicked your food.

There was always the room that changed owner every month, either because they just needed it as a stop-gap or they just didn’t get one with us “lifers”.

And so you could go on and I’m not telling you which one of the “house share personalities” I was 🙂

The girl who lived right next to me, who were also a lifer, used to have the same ritual when she got ready to go out on the town. You just knew that tonight was the night and she would be in a great mood. Spend many fun hours chatting with her, enjoying a warm-up drink or two while she got ready in her room, running to and from the bathroom, doing her makeup, finding the right top to go with I don’t know…

I never figured out why she chose that album for this ritual. It is a very good one, I truly enjoy it and play it often. Though, now I can’t stop thinking about my neighbour – faffing, hair drying, dancing about, singing out loud to this – when it is on.

Because, it is not really the “get into the mood” album, I think.

I’m talking about the fantastic 1988 album by Tracy Chapman – Tracy Chapman. You know that one were “Fast Car” is on.

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