A sound story

Today I heard three noises from outside, in a row that made a story. Yes, it is wild, crazy and utterly random, so bear with me. The idea is to write a story, as random as it can be, with the sound of the last three things you hear in your surroundings. On the radio, someone talking to you, a person shouting outside, neighbour closing a door, plane flying over etc.

Timescale: well three in a row and don’t skip one just because it don’t fit and there is one after that sound better or is easier to write in. The story below happen within 30sec. but it can be longer between the sounds, since it is so quiet around here.

The bumble bee flying from flower to flower in the back garden (buzzing). Set the man, walking his dog in the back street, allergies off (sneeze). Which was so loud, that the police (sirens) were called to investigate.

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