While driving in Scotland, the music player played a track at random. I got tonnes of tracks, of random best off and mixes etc, that I often never listen too and/or remember I got.

Then a track tickled my grey cells and and after some digging about on youtube today, I found a track that I have spent a good 20 years trying to find. Now and again a bit of the song popped up in my head as an ear worm, going around and around. I knew nothing about other than the word “Scot”. Back in the mid 80’s I remember, I was a school trip and we sang that a bit from it as we went to the store to get candy, as it gave a good echo in the valley.

Now that I found it, it is not anything near what I remember, I was sure it was a bit more like Status Quo/ELO. But it is Italian disco/pop instead, call Scotch (I was close but no cigar)

It is just the first bit (the lalala bit) that used to go around my head for a day or two to only then bugger off and only come back some month or years later.

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