roskilde 1995

Exit Planet Dust

Years ago I was at Roskilde Festival in Denmark and was talking to random attendee about what I should go and see. They told me that I should watch a band called Dust Brothers, though they where listed as The Chemical Brothers.

Not really sure what to expect, I entered the DeeDay Tent, a DJ was playing somewhere above the stage. Where two guys were moving, these heavy duty boxes on wheels they use at concerts, into place and plugging wires in here and there.

Some minutes later they looked up at the DJ, gave him a nod and BOOM! And I was introduced to The Chemical Bothers. Two hours later I walked out of the tent, after having danced my *beep* off, going what the heck just happened here.

The next year I was living in London and a flat mate told me that he was going to see this new band he just heard off called The Chemical Brothers at Brixton Academy. I just had to go and manged get a spare ticket on #cough# the door #cough#.

On stage I saw the same two guys fiddling around with, this time much more, computers and equipment etc. Again the nod and BOOM! But this time with more SOUND, LIGHTS and the odd screen and again we staggered out about two hours later on danced out jelly legs.

About 5 years later I was living in Paris and this time they were playing at Zenith Paris. Got tickets nice and early, arrived and this time at the biggest crowd I have seen The Chemical Brothers at. I think we were about 50-70 people – hard to know as you could also sit outside the tent – at Roskilde, Brixton it was sold out so about 4.500 people and Zenith can take about 9000.

This time there was a DJ on a mini stage off the main stage warming us up. On the stage there was curved screen/monitor above and below the “decks” with extra lasers. Then Brothers arrived on stage with a “kid” bother, yes three of them this time, gave a nod and … well you know the story 🙂

Exit Planet Dust were their first album after the name change and it is one of my favorite CD’s. Often dig it out when I need to hit a deadline or just a cheer up, as it got some good memories attached to it.

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