Nice cup of tea

A nice cup of tea

Go on, go on, go on

The best cure for anything is a nice cup of tea.

Yes, there is some serious product placement here, I can tell you I haven’t been sponsored – though what a wonderful idea – by Yorkshire Tea, whom I think makes the best cuppa around. I’m happy to go to the shop and get some on my own dime.

I wonder how many times this “ritual” is done throughout the day.

See full screen

Bonus: Have a look at this wonderful video/ad they made – The tea song

No I don’t leave the bag in for that a short time, I let it brew, as proper brew should. You would have become bored, of listing to the dripping tap (that is another upcoming post), while waiting around for it to brew, so I cut the recording down.


Black, no sugar or milk, ta.

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