the tube in london

The Tube

If have spend any time in London, you would be hard pushed not to have used the underground trains, aka the tube.

It is surprising how fast you get used to it, learn the short cuts and what lines goes where.

At first it is an underground labyrinth, that you can’t make head or tail of. The little hope, that you had some idea where to next, is removed by a attack and overload of you senses.

The wall of people that drags you in some at first random direction. The loud noise of the trains, the buskers and the tannoy system – that blast out information that makes no sense, if you are able to hear/understand them over all the other noise. The intense smells, dust, sweat and not to forget the heat in the summers.

And then you “pop” out from the fake lighting, cramp place, onto the bustling streets of London. To yet again try to figure out if you got out of the correct exit and which direction you need to go to get to your destination.

The next station :

Bonus track, busking :

See full screen

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