Stevie Ray Vaughan In Step

In Step

Just read that Stevie Ray Vaughan was born today back in 1958.

Don’t really remember how I got to hear Stevie Ray Vaughan the first time around. I know it must be in late 80’s, as I was digging my way into modern blues back then. After many a year in old school blues, e.g anything before 50s 🙂

I think it was MTV, who weren’t glued to MTV in the 80s? They were playing some blues at the time. I was just about to say Jeff Healey and his cover of While My Guitar Gently Weeps, on his fantastic album Hell to Pay. But looking at wiki I see that it came out in 1990 after In Step. So it couldn’t be him, could be Robert Cray, Garry More or even Santana.

When I heard the first cords of ‘The House Is Rockin’ on In Step, in 1989, I knew I had just heard one of the best guitarist around.

He got me in to other artists and also re-kindled my love for Mr Hendrix, heck that was event before I heard Stevie’s version of Voodoo Child, a version I really love.

I know, I rushed down to my local “vinyl pusher” and got right way – Couldn’t Stand the Weather (1984), Soul to Soul (1985), In Step (1989) and had to special order Texas Flood (1983) in.

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