jens vejmand

Jens Vejmand

We having our back streets relaid at the moment by paviours. We got about 10 weeks of this to listen too, oh the joy.

This got me thinking about an old poem called “Jens Vejmand” from Denmark, that got turned into a folk song. Which I used to sing back in school and out scouting.

Here’s a few links : The song, The story about Jens, and a bonus stand up (all in Danish)

The other thing is that back in them days they didn’t the heavy machines as they do today. But it still looks like hard work.

What really blew my mind – the church where Jens is buried is just across from the school I used to go to. And I have no recollection of this fact, but I do remember how loved and important this folk song it/was.

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