outer space

In space nobody can hear you scream

My first attempt to record the ISS (International Space Station) and my first real attempt to take a photo of the stars.

The recording as easy enough, well I had to wake up at 4.30am to hear the International Space Station. Because I decided to try to listen to it on first night erm early morning of the new year. This is what I heard on 145.800Mhz as it flew over.

Second part was pure luck I was out wild camping and I had a beautiful clear night. Did have to hide the camera behind the van from the moon. Not the best snap of the milky way but you can see it. The camera picked up even more stars than what the eye could see.

It’s clear that we are not alone in space. The sheer amount of galaxies and the vast distances. It is nigh impossible to hear someone saying “Hello, anyone out there” or let alone deciding on which one the send a greeting to.

See full screen

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