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One of my very first heros was Melvin Jerome Blank aka The Man of 1000 Voices aka Mel Blanc. He was simply put the voice of my childhood because of my addiction to Looney Tunes and Hanna-Barbera.

Years ago I had a screen print of the above image, but I sadly lost it. I think it is one of the best tributes ever made. I got to thinking about it again after one of the best podcasts around, did a double episode about Mel Blanc.

Here’s a few seconds from the one of the episodes with some of the voices Mel did.

Here’s the two brilliant episodes from Twenty Thousand Herz podcast – do subscribe to thier podcast, you will not be disapointed.

Here’s the direct link to the podcasts on their site:
1/ https://www.20k.org/episodes/whatsupdoc (this one includes the documentery – Mel Blanc The Man of a Thousand Voices)
2/ https://www.20k.org/episodes/thatsallfolks – (this one includes a video of Mel’s vocal cord)

That’s all folks.

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