Turin backyard with plane and dog

Turin backyard with plane and dog

GUEST POST by GG-iol: On Sunday 3rd May, at my home, in a central district of Turin, during the COVID19 lock down, I was surprised by the repeated passage of a small air plane: the tourist aviation, in fact, was immediately suspended and during these weeks of confinement. It is unusual to see an airliner and it was the first time, since the beginning of the restrictive measures, that I saw a small tourist air plane pass by. While checking on Flightradar24.com I followed the route, in real time, that went back and forth over the city with the precision of a scanner. I understood that it was a plane making photographic reliefs. In deepening I discovered that in recent weeks, in the skies much less crowded than usual, throughout Europe and perhaps most of the world, this type of flights have increased considerably.

You can check the most recent flights of the same plane that passed over my head.


As for the dog, named Lucy, she is by far the biggest source of noise pollution in the area. I’m running an investigation with all day long recording: on average it barks many hundreds of times a day, with bursts of bark and loud howls that last many minutes. A real sonic war machine which proves that noise damage in the centre of big cities doesn’t always come from machinery.

If you want to listen to a longer version please click this link : https://aporee.org/maps/work/?loc=48965

See full screen

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