rain on the hood

Rain on the hood

Enjoying a nice warm evening and the view, with summer rain hitting the hood of my jacket, after a day out hiking in the Lakes. The Skylark was out in force too and so were the sheep.

Just as I fire up the Zoom H2n, to record the bliss that is light rain on canvas or rain hood, a helicopter flies over. Just listen to how long the sound of it lingers.

One of the small minuses with the Lakes is that it is right under the main flight path to and from the US from a lot of mainland Europe. And the valley’s just trap the sound and you can hear the roar for a long time.

Sods law, just nature and rain for 20min+ and then I decide to record and two of the most noisy machines we make flies past.

Best part I got to record one of the wild ponies, though I couldn’t see it from where I stood.

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