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tent after the rain new zealand


One of the best things in life. Is to lay in your tent, all snugged up in your sleeping bag, reading a book or having a little snooze. With the sound of gentle rain on the tent. Feels great knowing you are in the elements but you are not getting wet.

Knife making

Making a knife

I got to make a knife from scratch. Fire, iron, hammer, filing and loads of polishing. I ended up with a knife that I really like.

Casa Critica Buenos Aires Argentina

Masa Critica

Joined the biggest Critical Mass – Casa Critica, Buenos Aires, Argentina – we have ever been on, live bands, food vendors and soap bubbles. More than a few thousands on bikes or roller-blades.

last tango

Last Tango

Every Sunday night in Buenos Aires you can go and dance tango on this square.