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NHS heros by Rachel List


Recorded last week clap’a’thon. Thanks all staff at any NHS location and not to forget all the essential staff elsewhere like super markets, sanitation staff (aka bin men) etc – Hero’s the lot of you, sadly you have to be, cause our government have failed to keep you and us safe. #stayhome #washyourhands #stayhomeforthem #selfisolate […]

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washing machine live longer with calgon

Washing machine

So did it, live longer with Calgon? Just found this dead washing machine outside. The recording is of our washing machine that is still going strong. Pin on the map is dropped where the HQ of the owner of Calgon is now. See full screen

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play ground self isolated

Isolated kids

Recorded in the local playground, at a time when it would be normally full of kids playing after school. The little park where the playground is also a popular cut-through, which makes this little park and play area normally full of people talking, playing and walking. You can hear the bell of the local Tom […]

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blackbird singing

Hr Sort

Hr Sort, aka Mr Black, is a very common nick name for the local blackbird in Denmark. At my parents there has been one sitting on the neighbours’ roof for going on 40 years, every night and every morning, singing its heart out. Yes I know it isn’t same one, but its descendants. See full […]

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swans lamlash arran

Waves at Lamlash

Sitting, watching the waves rolling over the stones and the swans swim about as the sun sets. The gulls don’t like the passing boat as they got their feet wet by the waves created by the little boat. See full screen

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The Library Arran Scotland

The Library

Visited this wonderful little place on Isle of Arran called the The Library. A few books, loads of wonderful drawings and notes from visitors. You can hear a visitor finishing up their sketch while storm Brendan is blowing in the trees outside. If you want to see a 360deg image, here’s a clicky See full […]

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Lamlash harbour Storm Brendan

Storm Brendan

Managed to get onto Arran before the storm stopped all ferries for a few days. Glad I didn’t stay right next to the sail boats with this noise. Did meet a fella who were down to check his boat was ok for the night. He told me that he would be back in the morning […]

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Lochranza isle of arran


Had a little walk around the bay, near the top of Isle of Arran, brilliant views over Lochranza. Just had a little lull in the weather before the storm came back. See full screen Here’s another photo from Lochranza

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