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Soundscapes and field recordings recorded in a total length of 4’33” a nod to John Cage’s work – full explication here 4’33”

the atom

The Atom

Visited this artwork today, sadly the centre bit have been destroyed. The sound is quite fun to listen to as you walk around inside. I hope it comes across as I was walking around dragging my feet …

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take your litter home

Windy trees

We went to the local wood just to get away from the heat, to sit in the shade and breeze to cool down. The sound of the wind in the trees is a bit like ASMR to us.

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roaring torrent

Roaring torrent

The afternoon before, the river was roaring away*. Less than 24 hours later it is just a little trickle

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John Cage composed the 4’33” in 1952, a three-movement composition, which is often introduced as – four minutes thirty-three seconds of silence.

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Dawn at Litton

Noisy buggers

So, they say that you should go to the country side, in this case Littondale, and enjoy the fresh air, views and quiet.

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NHS heros by Rachel List


Thanks all staff at any NHS location and not to forget all the essential staff elsewhere like super markets, sanitation staff (aka bin men) etc

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washing machine live longer with calgon

Washing machine

So did it, live longer with Calgon? Just found this dead washing machine outside. The recording is of our washing machine that is still going strong. Pin on the map is dropped where the HQ of the owner of Calgon is now. See full screen

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play ground self isolated

Isolated kids

Recorded in the local playground, at a time when it would be normally full of kids playing after school. The little park where the playground is also a popular cut-through, which makes this little park and play area normally full of people talking, playing and walking. You can hear the bell of the local Tom […]

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blackbird singing

Hr Sort

Hr Sort, aka Mr Black, is a very common nick name for the local blackbird in Denmark.

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cooling down cast iron stove

Cooling down

I can sit and stare at a fire for hours on end, love the dancing flames, colour, smell and the warmth. Now and again gentle poking the fire with a stick, this is one of my Zen moment

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lego vs asmr


The only thing that gives me the full on – emotional, calm, rush, zen, tingling from the roof my head down my spine – ASMR is LEGO.

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