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driving to mum

Driving to mum

Every time we go over to MiL, aka Tilley’s favourite person. At about half a mile away from the door we go thru a roundabout. Which is the starting point, for this little serenade.

Tilley playing with Ruby

Play fighting

Our mutt playing with Ruby the rescue dog, yes that is them making these sounds, went on for hours. Tilley is the one making the high pitch squeal, that is just what she does when excited. I have to tell other dog owners that it is ok. When she is playing, no contact, no biting – nothing – and she squeals like someone stepped on her.

sweet dreams


I have never had a dog that dreams as much at Tilley does. Each evening at least 2-3 times and in the night I often get woken up either by her barking or running paws. She often does this rolling sound, wonder what she is dreaming to make this sound.